Cryptocurrency miners are making it impossible for people to find a crucial component of PC gaming

  2 years ago

Cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of serious processing power, a lot of serious cooling for those processors, and a lot of power to make it all run.

  • Cryptocurrency miners are buying up all the high-end graphics cards usually reserved for PC gaming.
  • As a result, the graphics cards are extremely difficult to find. Some are being sold for double or more their original price.
  • The dearth of available graphics cards has become a meme among PC gaming enthusiasts.
  • Nvidia is urging retailers to prioritize PC gaming buyers over cryptocurrency miners.

It's a terrible time to build a gaming PC.

The process of building one is actually easier than its ever been, and playing video games on a PC is a delight. The problem is that graphics cards (GPUs) — the crucial component that powers the visuals of a PC — are in extremely high demand, which makes them difficult to find at their intended prices. Many resellers are jacking up the price by double or more.

The demand, however, isn't due to a massive influx of new PC gaming enthusiasts. The demand is being driven by cryptocurrency mining.

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